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Finding Your E-book and Reading it.


For those of you unfamiliar with PDF documents in all their variations and applications, the following tutorial will show you how to download and retrieve your e-book.

When you click on the highlighted link to download your copy of the Time & Unforeseen Occurrence (seven-novel series) e-book, your computer will ask you where you would like to save the download - as in - which location.  A box like this will appear.  For our purposes we'll call it the 'option' box.


The 'option' box (above) will give you the option of saving your download (in this case your e-book) to a particular destination.

If you click on 'save' (and you should), another box - the 'save as' box will appear and it looks like this...

Most people find it convenient to save their downloads to their 'My Documents' folder.  To do this, click on the middle icon (picture) on the left - it looks like a file folder - and is called 'My Documents' and then click on the 'save' button located on the bottom right of the box.

To retrieve and read** your e-book you now need to go to the 'start button' on your computer (located on the bottom left of your screen), which, when you click on it, will bring up the 'start menu.'

'My Documents' is clearly visible on the left hand side of the 'start menu.'  Click on it and you will see a list of your saved files.  Look for your saved file (in this case, Time & Unforeseen Occurrence (seven-novel series) e-book, and then double click on it and your e-book should appear on your screen.

If, instead of your e-book, a list appears which asks you what program you want to use to *open* your file - it means you DO NOT HAVE ADOBE READER, a free download you can find here    which you will need to read all PDF documents.  The vast majority of informational documents on the Internet are in PDF (or Portable Document File) format, so ADOBE READER is a download you should have anyway.

Once you have downloaded and saved ADOBE READER (following the same steps detailed above), simply double click on it and it will install itself - and you can then read your e-book (and all other PDF documents).


Happy reading!

Hobo Mountain Publishing


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